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Are we approved to deliver this course for the TAS CONSUMER & BUILDING SERVICES?
Yes we are. We have been delivering online training for TAS owner-builders since 2013.

The Building Act 2000 provides that intending owner-builders must be registered before starting work. To be eligible to be registered, you must:
  1. Be a natural person;
  2. Own the land on which you intend to build;
  3. Not be in the business of building;
  4. Not construct more than two buildings of any class (except Class 10 or Class 7b buildings) in a ten year period, not including any you may have built prior to 2004;
  5. Have completed an approved owner builder training course to show that you understand your obligations as an owner builder;
  6. Engage the services of an accredited building surveyor who will obtain a registration certificate from the Director of Building Control prior to issuing you with a Certificate of Likely Compliance for your building work.
If the value of work (labour and materials, inc. GST) exceeds $5000, you MUST provide evidence of successful completion of an approved course (OUR certificate) and white-card if you wish to apply for your owner-builder permit.

Course Content
Our owner-builder course will not teach you how to swing a hammer or tell you the standard regulation distance between joists. We will teach you how to manage your project and make you aware of your legal responsibilities, obligations and rights. At the end of the day, 90% of owner-builders will act as project-managers and oversee the progress of their project. Some of the topics covered (to name only a few) include:
  1. Insurances;
  2. Contracts;
  3. Legal responsibilities & obligations;
  4. Budget & estimating.
  5. Planning & Scheduling.
  6. Order of sequence of works.
Course Material
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