10274NAT Course in Preparation for Owner Builder Permit

  • There are 6 sections for this assessment.
  • You must start at section 1 and complete the assessment sections in order. Each section will become unlocked once all answers in the current section have been answered.
  • All multiple choice and spreadsheet questions are marked automatically before you can continue to the next section.
  • Once you have completed the last section of the assessment, you will see an extra button 'submit answers & LOCK assessment'. When you press this button you will need to await marking by one of our assessors (less than 24 hours) for the short answer questions. You will be notified via email AND via text if you need to resubmit your short answers or if you are deemed competent.
  • If you are required to resubmit any of your short answers, you will see an extra column in the grid below marked with the heading 'Please Fix' and a red cross.
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